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About Us
OPCO is the creation of Senior Personnel whose expertise and experience is widely acknowledged within the construction and civil engineering industry within South Wales and South West..

OPCO brings quality and innovation to the disciplines of civil engineering, construction, refurbishment and facilities management and seeks to continuously improve products and services to deliver quality and best value their clients can rely upon.

The success of any project is based upon close liaison, understanding customer needs and supportive working relationships. OPCO seek to encourage and promote total awareness and understanding of the clients' needs at every stage, this enables projects to proceed smoothly from inception to completion.

Our attention to detail and insistence on quality enables a wide range of clients in all sectors to plan ahead with confidence. This insistence on quality is proven by our adherence to BS EN ISO 9001 procedures.

OPCO is constantly striving to improve service and therefore seeks to add value by instrumenting and deploying the latest technical and commercial knowledge in their clients' best interests.


Our comprehensive range of services and experience include:

Civil Engineering
Building Construction
Design & Build
Property Refurbishment
Management Contracting
Term and Maintenance Contracts
Facilities Management
Private Finance Initiatives

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