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Constructionline is the UK's largest register of pre-qualified construction services. It streamlines procedures by supplying the construction industry and its clients with a single national pre-qualification scheme.

OPCO is approved by Constructionline.

About Constructionline
Constructionline is owned by the Department of Industry (DTI) and is a contributor to the Rethinking Construction initiative. It is the UK's largest register of pre-qualified construction contractors and consultants. Constructionline is designed to streamline procurement procedures and save valuable resources in the construction industry rendering it more efficient and effective.

Over 11,500 contractors and consultants are registered with Constructionline and have all met pre-qualification requirements supported by the DTI. They cover the full spectrum of construction activities from architecture to demolition and range in size from small specialists to the largest main contractors.

Constructionline Website Screen Shot - Click to visit site   Constructionline's 1,500 plus clients range from large central government departments to Local Authorities, Universities / Further Education and NHS Trusts. They have direct access to the database and Constructionline helps them to achieve best value objectives.

Click image to visit the Constructionline Website.

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