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Company Policies

OPCO is the creation of Senior Personnel whose expertise and experience is widely acknowledged within the construction and civil engineering industry within South Wales and South West.

Our policy statements enable projects to proceed smoothly from inception to completion.

Our attention to detail and insistence on quality enables a wide range of clients in all sectors to plan ahead with confidence.

Health and Safety
The Director responsible to the Board of Directors for all matters relating to health and safety at work is: Mr. N Coulter.

Management believe that health and safety should have equal importance to quality, cost, production and moral. It accepts its responsibility to provide a working environment that is safe and without risk to health.

Health and Safety Policy
PDF file

Equal Opportunities
OPCO is committed to the principal of equal opportunity in employment.

The Company recognises the right of every employee to work in an atmosphere free of sexual harassment or victimisation and to complain about it should it occur. The Company agrees to take appropriate steps to promote such a workplace.

Equal Opportunities Policy
PDF file

Quality Management
It is the Policy of the Company to operate at all times within the Company Quality Management System (QMS) which is based on the requirement of BS EN ISO 1994, including implementation of changes to our procedures to incorporate the requirements of the new Standard.

Quality Management Policy
PDF file

Environmental Policy
OPCO is involved with a wide range of projects including roads and bridges, water supply and sewage treatment, commercial and retail buildings as well as the provision of private housing.

Environmental Policy
PDF file


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Policy Statement
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