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OPCO harnessing technology

We seek to use innovative technology that is easily and cheaply deployed and which can produce immediate returns on investment to our customers.

OPCO technology strategy
We require clear and fast communication of information in order to deliver successful construction projects. Technology can make a big difference. It can connect the OPCO project team of client, designers, site staff and subcontractors and allow information to be passed instantly without needing the team to be in the same place.

OPCO has implemented the following initiatives to support this need:

An IT network that connects all OPCO construction sites and offices

This allows 90% of our people to access electronic project information and reference material (such as OPCO processes, forms and Safety Health & Environmental guidance).

It also allows processes such as procurement and financial reporting to be completed electronically.

Email for all OPCO computer users

We can correspond with clients, designers and our supply chain instantly, and regularly use email to exchange drawings, programmes and minutes of projects.

Our people can access their email from any computer connected to the internet e.g. their home PC, or an internet café.

Handheld computers for assisting with site activities

PDA’s are used to record completion of activities on site and for snagging. This information feeds our Activity Monitoring and Priority 1 Snagging systems.


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